Mynordstrom Login Help and FAQ – Access the Employee Portal.

Log in to the MyNordstrom Employee Portal to view your Nordstrom schedules online, all employee benefits, Mypay Payroll, change your contact details, and to view new Nordstrom career opportunities.

for the official Mynordstrom login page.

What we do:
We offer the most in-depth and detailed guide to employment at Nordstrom. My popular demand, we deliver answers to the most common questions that new employees have regarding their employment at Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack. Learn how access the Employee Portal, how to access your Nordstrom weekly and monthly schedules, how to obtain your W-2 tax form, access Nordstrom Workday, contact Nordstrom HR, and much more..

You are also encouraged to share your problem, ask a question, or submit a complaint, in the comment section.

Mynordstrom Advantages.

Nordstrom employees can use the Mynordstrom Portal to:

  • View weekly and monthly work schedules.
  • Change contact information.
  • Access employee benefit plans.
  • Read company news.
  • Access MyPay Payroll to view past and current payslips.
  • Apply for career changes within the Nordstrom family.

Mynordstrom Login –

The old Mynordstrom portal located at is no longer fucntioning. Instead the website will transfer you to a new login page at

To log in to your employee account, you will need your Nordstrom employee number and your password.

Enter these in the correct fields on the login page, and click on the “Login” button to be signed in.

Myordstrom Login Help – FAQ.

Once in a while, Nordstrom employees have problems trying to sign in to their employee accounts.

If you cannot log in to your Mynordstrom account, try the following steps:

How do I log in to

  1. Test your internet connection by visiting another website. The problem could simply be with your connection.
  2. Check that your are on the correct login page. The official page is found at via, but if cannot open this page, then use the direct link at:
  3. Check your Employee Number and password and are entering them into the right fields. Your Mynordstrom password is case sensitive, so check that CAPS LOCK is turned off on your keyword.
  4. If you are copy and pasting your Employee ID and Password from another document, then check that you have not included a “Space” on either side of the Employee ID or Password. This is a common mistake.
  5. If you are logging in to Mynordstrom for the first time, click on the link that is labelled ‘Request, Reset or Forgot Password’, as you will not have a valid Mynordstrom password to use until you complete this first step. A system issued password will typically look like: 4uv96v25.
  6. Try updating your web browser to the latest version, or clearing your browsing data and cookies. Then, try logging in again.
  7. Try signing in using a different web browser, such as Chrome, Mozilla or Micrsoft Edge.
  8. Try logging in from another device, such as your cell phone or your laptop.
  9. If you have forgotten your Mynordstrom password, we advise you to reset your password by clicking on the “Request, Reset or Forgot Password” link and follow the instructions.

Mynordstrom Contacts – Need More Help?

See our FAQ section, or call Nordstrom on the following phone numbers:

  • The Nordstrom Customer Service phone number is: 1-888-282-6060, or 1-888-966-6283.
  • The Nordstrom Corporate Office can be reached on phone number: 1-206-628-2111.
  • The Nordstrom HR Service Desk can be reached on phone number: 1-206-454-4501.

Mynordstrom Questions and Answers.

Question: How do I get my W-2 Tax Form from Nordstrom?
Answer: See our help page at Nordstrom W-2

Question: How do I log in tom and find, the Nordstrom Workday SSO page?
Answer: See our help page on Nordstrom Workday.

Question: How do I contact Nordstrom HR (Human Relations)?
Answer: See our help page at Nordstrom HR Contacts.

Question: How much is the Nordstrom Employee Discount and How do I apply it?
Answer: See our help page at: Nordstrom Employee Discounts.

Question: How do I become an intern at Nordstrom?
Answer: See our page on Nordstrom Internships.

Question: How do I apply for a Nordstrom Job and register a Nordstrom Career Profile?
Answer: See our page on Nordstrom Careers and Jobs.

If you continue to have problems accessing the Mynordstrom Portal, then share your issue in the comment section below.

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Galina G

I always have a problem with changing a password for my schedule.And the system sent me e-mail to which i do not have. Ihave to call the help desk, it should be a different way to do that.

Walter Guy Noel

I so enjoyed working for Nordstroms Rack.such a great company.I left cause I told them at the interview I did not want a fulltime job.and gave them 3 weeks to verify my schedule.after 3 weeks they still have me a full week after I had already had an agreement and made my off day plans to keep my other job.I’ve never quited a job.but I hope to come back.great people and everyone was so Awesome.

Yishak Weldesilasie

I can’t login to


Can’t log in!


Thank you for the help. its awesome 🙂


I need the Nordstrom HR email address.


When will it work again I need to put in for PTO

Sukhjinder Sandhu

I love working in Nordstrom

melanie fernandez

Me too but i am a litte sad my nordstrom rack in Laguna hills loclation in california is close because of the stupid virus and this virus has giving me high stress and worries but i have been praying for everyone

Yishak Weldesilasie

I Can’t login to Mynordstrom!

Farida Safi

I can not get to


I cannot log in the new site. It says “Unable to authenticate session”.

Sylvia Cazar

I can’t login to mynordstrom. What am I doing wrong?

martin tayumu

cannot login mynordstrom


I can’t login my Nordstrom to see my hours

Yee Lin Kong

I can’t login to my

Area Edmonds

Can’t login to Mynordstrom employee account.

Sandra Elaine Glover

I’m having some trouble getting to my work schedule, it keeps saying sign in failed,,it tells me to send email to secondary email, I never get and it’s a comcast account. I’m very frustrated.

Sandra Elaine Glover

All is well, I was finally able to get in thank you for all of your help, and I truly love working at Nordstrom it’s like my second family, I’m always glad to see YOU ALL. ☺☺

Eduardo rosas



Cannot login my

Rosario Mendez

I can’t login my

melanie fernandez

I hope everyone is doing ok and i will keeping praying for everyone and i hope to get back to work soon like all of u i really miss seeing everyone at the Laguna hills nordstrom rack in california

Current Employee

why does my login link never work on my computer?

Jeannette z Yiu

Can not login my