How do I Contact the Nordstrom HR Department?

MyNordstrom HR Contacts.

How do I contact the Nordstrom HR Department?

If you need to contact the HR (Human Relations) or Nordstrom customer service team, you can reach them in the following ways:

Nordstrom HR – Contact  By Phone:

Call 1-888-1282-6060 to contact the official Nordstrom customer service team over the phone.

The Nordstrom Corporate Office can be reached on phone number: 1-206-628-2111.

The Nordstrom HR Service Desk can bea reached on phone number: 1-206-454-4501.

Nordstrom HR – Contact By Fax:

If you use a fax machine, the Nordstrom help desk can be contacted on Fax number: 1-206-628-1795.

Nordstrom HR – Contact By Mail:

Send your questions about Mynordstrom or your employement situation via mailb writing to the following address for the Nordstrom Corporate Office:

  • Nordstrom Corporate Office Inquiries
  • 1617 6th Ave.,
  • Seattle, WA, 98101

Nordstrom HR – Contact By Email:

If you have problems applying your employee discount or similar, you can contact the Nordstrom HR Help Desk by email on this email address:

nordstrom hr phone number

If you have a quick question, then write it in the comment section below, and we will try to answer it as soon as possible.

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I need a copy of my W2 – how do I email HR?

Sheila Riley Becker

I need to get copy of w2.

Michelle Martin

Applying for Unemployment when is my last day I worked ? Yes or No to the 12 week question

Angry employee

Our store has no hand sanitizer for employees at the registers. The stores are shutting down & we have barely any customers. We are putting our health on the line for this place, while they cut our shifts & ask us to continue work as usual. They have the same 2 cleaning people who do not disinfect a thing. This is a huge tourist city & we are all facing the spread of covid 19. Many of the employees are over 60 or susceptible to underlying health issues. The least they can do is offer hand sanitizer! What m…. is… Read more »

Lusineh Ghookasian

It’s been months that I’m applying to work for Nordstrom and I went to lot’s interviews but they don’t want to hire me. I also called the HR but they do anything about it. They always have some excuse which does not make sense.