How do I get my W-2 from Nordstrom?

How do I get my W-2 Tax Form from Nordstrom?

As an hourly pay employee or salaried employee, you will have to rely on your employer, Nordstrom, to send you a W-2.

If you have lost your W-2 from a former employer, or if you did not receive one at all from Nordstrom, then contact them directly and ask for a copy.

Why Have I Not Received my W-2 from Nordstrom?

Usually, this is because your address on file in Nordstrom’s system is old and need up-dating.

If you filled out a change-of-address form at your local U.S. Post Office, your W-2 could still have gotten lost in the shuffle.

Nordstrom W-2 Deadline.

Most taxpayers will have received their W-2 forms by the end of January, it may not arrive until February. IRS tax law includes a January 31 deadline by which an employer must deliver W-2 forms either directly or by mail.

nordstrom tax w2 form
W” Definition: Form W-2 is an Internal Revenue Service tax form that is used in the United States to report what wages are paid to employees as well as the taxes withheld from them. All emmployers must complete a Form W2 for each employee paid a salary or wage.

Contacting Nordstrom.

If the first week in February has passed, then contact Nordstrom and request a duplicate form. Please confirm that Nordstrom has your correct mailing address.

Contacting the IRS.

If you have not received your W2 by February 15, the IRS will contact your former employer, Nordstrom, on your behalf to request it.

You can call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 and pass this information:

Your name, address, your phone number and your Social Security Number.

Your former employer’s name (Nordstrom), their address and their phone number.

Your date(s) of employment.

Estimated yearly tax withheld (see final pay stub).

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Martenni Ramsey

I lost my w2 for 2019. How do iget it now?

Mynordstrom Support

Contact Nordstrom and request a duplicate form. Or, contact the IRS.